Bursa KLCI


This is a 3-day course (plus 5 evening tutorial classes) with the emphasis on the following:

1. On-line trading platform
2. Options Concepts
3. Option Fundamental (Calls and Puts)
4. Option Strategy (Debit Spread, Credit Spread)
5. Understanding the Greeks (delta, theta, gamma, vega, rho)
5. Creating Strategy (Iron Condor, Butterfly, Straddle, Strangle)
6. Statistical Analysis (ATR & SD)
7. Credit Spread versus Debit Spread
8. Risk Profile using Analyse tab
9. Trade Management
– How To turn your bad trades into profit makers
– How TO generate high returns With delta Expansions
– How to use the Squeeze
– Master Support & Resistance trade setups which will help CRUSH Any Income & Growth Trades
– How to Defend Credit Spreads
– When to use OTM or deep ITM options
– How to use time decay to your advantage and generate a CONSISTENT income