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Z_Top5_24June 2022

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Z5 - Top 5 stocks for today.

Z_Top5_23 June 2022

Z5 Daily
Z5 - Top 5 stocks for today.

TiTTs in Action – 27 May 2022

This is Trend-In-Trend Trading System (TiTTs) for Entering a trade and also for Exiting a trade. The intent is to look for high probability trades with highest chances of success and the minimum probability of losses.

The rules are as follows (Bullish trade):

  1. Check for Squeezes in multiple timeframes. Squeeze is volatility compression.
  2. Check for ShortRipple-TF2 higher timeframe Buy signal. Three UP arrows (cyan).
  3. Check for 8 EMA and 21 EMA crossings above. That is the “AIM Up!!!” vertical line.
  4. Check for Close is above S55 and ATR Trailing StopLoss (Green dot) and Short Ripple-TF2 (Cyan dot) and LongTide Up (Cyan dot).
  5. Double Check the LongTide indicator and ShortRipple=TF for Bullishness ie. above the zero line.

To Exit a Bullish trade, look for ShortRipple-TF2 with blue dot and also LongTide with blue dot.

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