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TiTTs – 2 June 2022

This is Trend-In-Trend Trading System (TiTTs) for Entering a trade and also for Exiting a trade. The intent is to look for high probability trades with highest chances of success and the minimum probability of losses.

Entry and Exit

The rules are as follows for Entry (Bullish trade):

  1. Always enter every trade at 55 SMA, 21 EMA or 8 EMA or ATRTrailing StopLoss in order of priorities. This is to increase the probabilities of winning at each and every trade. Just wait to Buy Long at those levels. The market will always come down to test Support (or Resistance for Bearish trades).
  2. Check for Squeezes in multiple timeframes. Squeeze is volatility compression.
  3. Check for 8 EMA and 21 EMA crossings ABOVE. That is the “AIM UP!!!” vertical line.
  4. Check both ShortRipple-TF2 and ShortRipple-TF1 are above the ZERO line (BUY signal). Three UP arrows (Red).
  5. Check for Close is ABOVE S55 and ATR Trailing StopLoss (GREEN dot) and Short Ripple-TF2 (GREEN dot) and LongTide Up (GREEN dot).
  6. Double Check the LongTide indicator for BULLISHness ie. ABOVE the zero line.
  7. Check the 55 SMA line for bullish or bearish bias.
  8. Similarly check the 89 SMA whether it is above or below the 55 SMA.

To Exit a Bullish trade, look for ShortRipple-TF2 with WHITE dot and also LongTide with WHITE dot.

Trading is a tough job as we are doing it in real-time on the right side of the chart. Hind sight is 20/20 but in real-time, we have to focus on many signals. TiTTs (Trend-In-Trend Trading system) is intended to simplify the Buy Long and Exit or Sell Short and Exit based on simple coloured dots. The intention is to be able to look at a screen and within 2 seconds, the trader must know whether there is a Buy Long signal, Sell Short signal or do nothing. The intention is not to have to think as all the thinking has already been done and displayed as dots. Square dots are decision dots and round dots are for information on what the market is doing.

TiTTs is a trend momentum system. As such, it does well when there is a big move but performs poorly in range trading market. In a range trading market, trend momentum trading system suffers whipsaw and is unable to make money particularly when the range is fairly small. This so as the market reverses just as the trading system has just entered the trade.

Trading Hours

During the Asian trading hours when Asian markets are Open, the US index futures trade within a small range unlike during the US market hours. The index futures have a bigger trading range during the European futures. Hence the best time to trade the US index is still the US trading hours.

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