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Z_Top5_24June 2022

Z5 Daily
Z5 - Top 5 stocks for today.

Z_Top5_23 June 2022

Z5 Daily
Z5 - Top 5 stocks for today.

7 June 2022 – TiTTs Bearish trade

This is Trend-In-Trend Trading System (TiTTs) for Entering a trade and also for Exiting a trade. The intent is to look for high probability trades with highest chances of success and the minimum probability of losses.

When trading in a volatile market, the Fibonacci moving average lines such as the 21 EMA and the 55 SMA are convenient places to wait for and Entry.

  1. For Bearish Entry, check the FOUR Square White dots are present.
  2. Check that the 821 AIM High! vertical line and White square dot is present.
  3. Check that the SR-TF2 three arrows are pointing Downward and the Square White dot is present.
  4. Check that the Close is above 55 SMA and ATR Trailing StopLoss dots (Square White) are present.

For trade management and looking for an Exit, if there are 2 Yellow dots ie. one each from the LongTide and the SR-TF2, then it is time to EXIT.

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