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About Us

The Academy of Stocks, Options and Futures is an ardent believer in the importance of top quality education for students be they analysts, managers, advisors and all market participants.

SOF Academy is committed to the continual development of new analytical techniques while improving the students experience and ensuring they understand how and when to use such tools.

Trading System design is one area that we as industry professionals seek to remove emotion from money management. Quantitative methods are built into the WCCR trading system so that all users can test strategies against historical market data, and program their own statistical indicators directly on the platform.

Our broad objective is to be the best education centre in Asia.

That means that we intend to produce:
1. The most profitable student traders
2. The most employable students

To that end, we intend to provide our students with the best information and tools available and also with the ability to analyze and filter information as they flow in.

Why did we create this program?
The major reason why we launched Earn While You Learn is that we want to show that we are the real deal. We want to show that students can be profitable while learning by trading “live” with us as mentor. It means that you have the opportunity to “Earn While You Learn” so to speak.

We have integrated our “live” trades together with our training so that every trade is a learning experience as well as a profitable experience. We trade using our own money and we welcome you to join us for a profitable experience. It is simply the best and easiest way that I know for you to trade or invest your most important money exactly as I am investing in my own money.

How do we trade?
We trade online with US-based brokers. The brokers platforms come complete with data feed and provide live market actions. This means that we can place orders to buy and sell in real time using the platforms.

Where can you trade?
You can trade online from the comfort of your home office. All that is required is some money deposited in your own account with the broker and a high speed broadband line. Something like a Unify landline is sufficient. And you are all set to go in your comfortable home.

Training Courses
Our training courses are designed to gradually develop the market knowledge that you need in order to survive and thrive in it. We have the strategies and techniques and in order to be successful, you must also learn how to execute it.

To that end, we will trade ‘live’ with you. It is what we believe that novice traders need in order to stay profitable and build confidence until such time that you can be on your own.

Wealth Stocks, Wealth Options and Wealth Futures are designed to teach the practical aspects of trading. The MTA Level I, II and III courses are designed to get students through the Market Technicians Association certification. Students who aspire to a career in the finance industry are encouraged to sit for the exams conducted by the MTA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at jefftohch@gmail.com or +6010 4343948! We look forward to hear from you.


To Your Wealth!


Toh Chuan Hock
Academy of Stocks, Options and Futures Trading