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Training Courses

At White Cloud Capital & Research, we focus our education on teaching our students how to trade stocks, Options and futures. Our course structures are as below.

For new students, it starts with the Wealth 888 course which is a two-day training course. The course is a detailed look at the financial world of stocks, Options and Futures work. It will also introduce the students to trading platforms and its suitability for trading the different financial instrument.

The follow-on course for stocks education is Wealth Stocks Gold. This is a three day course followed by 5 evening tutorial classes. It is the classic financial instrument that has produced many billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Bill Gates and many many more. The likes of Warren Buffett grow their wealth from businesses with strong fundamentals and give regular dividends.

Options trading is very popular and is a must for those seeking to trade with leverage. It gives the traders and investors many ways of profiting from stock movements or non-movements! Learn about Calls, Puts, debit and credit spreads in the Wealth Options Gold course and learn how to create strategies from them. With the right knowledge properly applied, it gives the traders to means to either hedge a position or benefit from time decay. It is a means of using leverage with defined risk.

Professional traders love the futures market as it is a market that is open nearly 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. The professional traders use the futures market to hedge their portfolio in times of volatility. Wealth Futures Gold course is designed to teach about index, commodities and bonds futures. Learn to trade the e-minis such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial and Nasdaq 100. Learn about price discovery in the oil market or the gold and silver market!


Chartered Market Technician

The Market Technician Association (Market Technician Association) is an American body set up to advance the knowledge of technical analysis of the equity market. The CMT program or the Chartered Market Technician program is a series of three levels of examinations i.e. CMT Level I, Level II and Level III.

They are designed for those seeking a professional career in the financial industry. It is also a means of gauging one’s technical understanding of the equity market. Also the MTA intended them to be a self-learning studies. For those that are new to the stock market or busy with a career, it is more appropriate to join us in our education courses. We provide the mentorship and group environment with our educators that have gone through the examinations themselves. The mentors are Chartered Market Technicians working in the financial industry.