Bursa KLCI


This is a 3-day course (plus 5 evening tutorial classes) with the emphasis on the following:

1. On-line trading platforms
2. Advanced Candlesticks
3. Point and Figure charting
4. Elliott Wave Principle
5. Advance Trend and Momentum Trading
6. PiCS II Trading System
7. Relative Strength Analysis
8. Volume analysis
9. Statistical Analysis
10. Portfolio Risk management
11. Asset Relationships
12. Behavioural Finance
13. Volatility Analysis

The Gold course combines both the theory and practical aspects of trading. It carries on from where the Wealth 888 course finishes and introduces advanced principles to risk management, trading systems, portfolio management and so on. Students are taught more advanced techniques in the use of the TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim trading platform. The application aspect of applying theory in real-life trading is emphasized.