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Stock trader? You need to see the advantages of trading Futures…

Have you ever traded Futures?

Would you like to generate $500 in less than 2 hours per day using only a $5,000 account?
Do you need a consistent, successful institutional method?
Would you like to Trade from the comfort of your home or anywhere else where you have an internet connection?
Would you like to learn how to quickly and accurately “predict” the next market reaction?
Would you like a method that works even if you are right only 40% of the time?

Join Jeff Toh, Founder of Academy of Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex in your journey to growing long term wealth.

Discover how you can unleash your Income Potential and possibly make $10K/month with a $5K account working less than 2 hours per day trading futures.

Best yet, work from home even before the market opens at 9:30 AM ET. Discover why trading Futures is the way to go.

Learn how to make the big bucks that pays for the vacation home, the trip to Bali or Phuket or put your kids through college!

“70% of success in life is SHOWING UP!” Woody Allen

We’ll take care of the rest of the 30%.

This is a 3-day course (plus 5 evening tutorial classes) with the emphasis on the following:

1. On-line trading platform
2. Futures market (Commodities, Bonds and Indices)
3. Fractals Concept
4. Advance Trend and Momentum Trading
6. Trend-In-Trend Trading System
7. Volume analysis
8. Statistical Analysis (ATR & SD)
9. Using Market Internals to time trades
10. Using DOM interface
11. Time versus Tick charts
11. Day Trading
12. Live Trading