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Z_Top5_28June 2022

Z5 Daily
Z5 - Top 5 stocks for today.

Z_Top5_24June 2022

Z5 Daily
Z5 - Top 5 stocks for today.

Z_Top5_23 June 2022

Z5 Daily
Z5 - Top 5 stocks for today.

1 June 2020 – America’s backside is burning

Summary (The Week Ahead)
$DJTUpTrend. /YMUpTrend. /RTYUpTrend. /NQUpTrend and in preliminary Squeeze. /ESUpTrend.

Volatility compression is being released.

/CL UpTrend. /GCUpTrend and in a Squeeze. /ZB – DownTrend and in Squeeze. HYGUpTrend. DBCUpTrend.

Junk bond (HYG) and commodities (DBC) is in upTrend which is rather bullish for the market.

$DXYDownTrend and exited preliminary Squeeze. EUR/USDUpTrend. USD/JPYUpTrend and in a preliminary Squeeze.

Market Internals
Market Sentiment – Bullish. Put/Call ratio – 0.636. Market Breadth – sloping upward showing more gainers than losers. Volume Acc/Dis – sloping downward and showing distribution. Vix –28.23. Vix Futures – 29.65. Skew – 132.09.

The indices have largely exited its Squeezes. Are the indices turning South.

Bond market is in a DownTrend. Gold is set to trade upward after range trading. US dollar index is in a down trend and the indices are in an uptrend. Market Internals are showing mixed signals. The market still have a bullish bias.

Relative Strength – Sectors.

On a 3-monthly lookback, the relative strength order of the S&P ETF 500 sectors are XLB, SPY, XLY, XLK, /ES, XLV, XLE, XLU, XLP, XLI and XLF.

On a 12-monthly lookback, the relative strength order of the S&P 500 ETFs are XLV, XLK, XLY, XLB, SPY, SPX, /ES, XLP, XLU, XLI, XLF and XLE.  

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